10 Things You Need to Know About Part Time Jobs

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Working from home has many advantages. It is more flexible than office jobs as you will be able to arrange your schedule. Working online from home also allows you to save money and time since you do not have to travel from place to place. If you consider that an online career is your calling, be glad to know that there are a lot of options you can choose from. Here are some severe job options available to you online.

Virtual Assistant

If you previously have experience with office jobs such as by being a secretary, administrative assistant, or an office manager, you can sign up to become a virtual assistant. Just like the real-life assistant, a virtual assistant runs clerical, secretarial, and administrative support online for his or her client. He or she will also be expected to provide technical and creative services. A virtual assistant may work for more than one client as long as she or he is capable of supporting each of the clients flawlessly.


Have a good grasp of English and understand jargons from certain fields? Perhaps you should try to apply for a job as the transcriptionist. A transcriptionist converts audio into written reports, and commonly works in medical and legal fields. Medical transcriptionists convert doctors’ recorded messages into written health records, while legal transcriptionists create and edit documents from legal dictation. Unlike medical transcriptionists who are required to be certified, legal transcriptionists do not need special training. However, they should at least master basic legal terms.


Online tutors are the members of companies that offer to tutor, although there is the possibility that you can also be a freelance tutor. The tutorials can be provided to students of all educational level such as college, high school, and elementary students. The subject area may also vary depending on the expertise of the tutor. Commonly, online tutors work in flexible hours outside of school time – this can be in the evenings or during the weekends. Aside from the required skills, prior teaching experiences will help you much in applying for the job.

Online Customer Representative

Customer representatives work for a company to provide online customer service. Some of the tasks include collecting customer’s information, handling complaints, replying emails, and answering customers’ questions through live chat. As you are given training before becoming one, some companies will require you to pay for training or other related fees. Before agreeing to join the company, make sure the money you make can cover the money you had spent. An online customer rep should at least have a quiet room to work in, with the support of a phone, high-speed Internet connection, and advanced computer with the latest operating system.

Data entry transcription jobs

Data entry transcription jobs are typing jobs you can do from your home. You may require minimum type speed of 45 to 60 words per minute. Data management service companies will provide data to you that you will have to type online and submit to them. You will be paid a decent amount of money for completing this work. General, legal and medical transcriptions are most common types of data entry jobs.

Get paid to take surveys

Taking online survey is another excellent online work. All you have to do is to share your opinion about products. You will get survey invitation via email. You will be given a link to survey. By clicking the link, you will take to an online survey page. You will have to answer questions by just checking boxes. You can get $1 to $20 for a 10-minute survey. You may get more money for lengthy surveys.

Freelance writer jobs

This is an outstanding opportunity for people with writing ability. Many companies are looking for writers to write for them on different topics. You can write articles, website content, newsletters and many more. Get paid $5 to $50 per hour depends on the content you write.

Web design

The amount of websites and blogs on the Internet is growing exponentially creating a demand for web design jobs. Although it is easy to start a blog or website, web design is a technical skill that not everyone can do. So, if you are trained in web design, there is an excellent opportunity to earn money. Bloggers and website owners are continually searching for web designers to give that distinctive look to their online properties. Each blogger wants to make this blog different from the other, so as a web designer, you have a great career perspective aligned.


Proofreading is a particular job that you want to verify grammatical and fundamental errors in the written content. Whenever there is an internet, and while websites are created, the demand for correction works will always increase. Since Google and other search engines are still updating their algorithms and favoring the original content and free of errors, the correction work will inevitably explode. Proofreaders are paid better rates than even freelance writers. So, if you are excellent at grammar and have a great ability to write mistakes, you can see a possible future in proofreading.

Nowadays the internet is being used by so many people that it has created many new online jobs. The internet can allow you to work from anywhere in the country or from home which has become an advantage for workers and businesses alike. Businesses can benefit as it enables employees to travel up and down the country attending meetings with clients while allowing them to do work from the road and keep in contact with the head office. People with disabilities have taken advantage of online jobs as it means they can build a career for themselves even though they may have restricted movement and transportation options.

For those starting to search for online jobs from home; free ones; there are very many options to choose from which includes surveys, customer service, design, data entry, human resources and tons of others. These free online jobs from home can be lucrative for you and are also conducted from the convenience of your own home.As always, when searching online and especially when you are giving out your personal information, you must be vigilant for scams and frauds.