17 Things You Need to Know About Make Money Online

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To be a professional freelancer you must have professional skills in your
own beloved work , from translation to entry and writing , embedded systems ,
mobile development a so on…

well , working in the field of development is quiet the best working field
but requires alot of skills and being up to date , and doesn’t require
educational degrees because it’s been open source now everywhere , the learning
of development .

Now let’s start with Translating and entry :

The ones stated before needed certification and skills as you’ll work per
hour , but for translating and entry in freelancing ways , you’ll be
translating per piece , and given a time limit , so sometimes you don’t need
the max skills needed for data entry , you’ll just need to be having the
required skills to understand everything and you can seek online tutorials and
work with them , although you’re not going to be paid enough like working with
companies , but it will be fair enough being an individual , so for data entry
you’ll find the rating lower than working with companies or specific websites
for translation or entry.

So , you require skills but not the Superior skills and experience needed
when dealing with specific working companies and websites .

Then comes the field of Manufacturing :

These jobs require the most skill needed in the mechanical industry ,
because it’s about shipping and product designing and all things concerned with
industrial processes and factories , so you must have at least experience in
designing gadgets and usefull tools , and you must have the knowledge of
designing the best tools and so on.

for the product design , the best freelancers for it are mechanical
engineers , they study through the educational process the product design and
how to operate designing the best products from spareparts and so on , and also shipping experts , shipping
products with the least time consumption and least price , it’s kind of the
ideal solution to working in the manufacturing and product sourcing field .

Average rate: 5-10$ piece