17 Videos About Part Time Jobs You Should Watch

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This is the major cause that partners engage in infidelity. This type of infidelity is more prevalent in men than in women. This is caused by moods in sexual behaviors as well as excitations. Men who engage in sex in positive mood seem not to care on the outcomes of unprotected sex. These individuals are likely to engage in extramarital sex. Moreover, men who have high sexual excitability have high chances of engaging in affairs than women. Infidelity may also arise in cases where a partner is not sexually satisfied. This ends up seeking external sex for satisfactions. This can also be caused in cases where one of the partners has low self esteem sexually and emotionally. One of the spouse tends to leave marriage to get what he is missing. This is common in both men and women. There are low cases of infidelity where both partners are sexually satisfied. In addition, unhappy relations have been linked to the higher levels of infidelity. 72% of the individuals who have been linked with issues of infidelity have shouted out that unhappiness in relationship compelled them to having extramarital partners. However, there are also men who are sexually satisfied but still engage in infidelity issues.