3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Part Time Jobs

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Studies show that unemployment rates are
rising every year, the demand for work is decreasing and companies are not
recruiting as much as they used to. Whether given a pink slip or simply staying
home to raise the kids, these are the four best online jobs available with
great pay.

1. Voice Over Expert: A voice
actress is basically a person whose voice can be used for narrative purposes in
stories, commercials, books etc. They are also hired to portray animated, or
video game characters. The minimum wage estimated for a voice over expert is
$18.40 an hour and the job is estimated to have a 10% growth in the next ten
years and has continuity in the sense that once hired to voice a character, the
actors/actresses are hardly ever changed. A voice actress may work alone or in
groups reading lines in a recording booth while sound engineers observe from
the control room. An essential must have for this job is the ability to speak
clearly in multiple accents in a pleasing tone, something that a stay-at-home
mum can readily learn.

2. Transcriptionist: The minimum
wage estimated here is $15.50 an hour. A transcriptionist is an individual that
listens carefully to recordings provided by clients and types it out in written
form. Some fields that use transcriptionists are medical, legal, etc. Depending
on the level of experience a transcriptionist may have, they may correct some
grammatical errors found in the recording. Transcriptionists usually work at a
desk or a home office in quiet locations that are free of distraction. They are
usually contracted workers because of the flexibility of the job.

3. Office and technical work: The
minimum wage paid varies with the employer and type of job applied for. With
the help of many freelance sites, any stay-at-home mum skilled in Photoshop, Data
entry, PowerPoint and other Microsoft office skills may work from a computer
anywhere. One might be hired to redesign a picture or to transfer documents
from PDF to Microsoft word. Some mums are hired to do simple accounting or book
keeping for small or start-up companies. The job is also flexible in that one
can choose the type of work and when to work.

4. Tutoring: The minimum wage for
tutors is between $12 to $20 an hour and can cost as much as $85 an hour
depending on the subject being taught. You may choose to go to a student’s
home, schools or invite them to your home depending on the level of flexibility
you have as a stay-at-home mum. The one-on-one tutoring allows students to grasp
concepts easily and move at their own pace and who knows, you could also enrol
your own kids to these lessons as part of their social development programs.

5. In conclusion:

There are opportunities available online
for stay-at-home moms that will enable them to pay the bills. There are
definitely more but if you are thinking along the lines of handsome pay and flexibility,
then either of these 4 are a must-try.