6 Ways to Part Time Jobs

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This is the most type of infidelity that has been reported among spouses. Sexual infidelity (adultery) refers to having a sex affair with another person who is not your spouse. Cases of sexual infidelity are reported in men more than in women. This is mainly linked to sexual desires. Sexual addicts are compulsively attracted to the anxiety to release sexual orgasm. The second thing that causes sexual infidelity is lack of sex satisfaction in primary marriage.

Therefore, a spouse will seek what is elusive to find in their marriage to an outsider. Revenge sex also came up as a reason why people cheat. This occurs when one partner engages in extra marital sex to get back to their partners who have cheated before or have wronged them in a way. Sexual infidelity is not only caused by sexual intercourse but also sexual activities such as online sex, and kissing. Infidelity can also be described as violating the expectations of a marriage by being drawn emotionally and sexually towards another person.