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A toll free service can have multiple benefits for your business.
While the numbers are useful for helping your customers and prospects
effectively communicate with your business, they also help to improve
multiple functions within your company. Toll free numbers almost
instantly improve your company’s image and they put you in a better
position to ensure you meet your customer’s needs as quickly and
efficiently as possible.
A toll free service will help improve your business by having a
positive impact on your:

Customer Service Function

Implementing a tool free service into your business will improve your
ability to effectively serve your customers. The most obvious benefit
is that it provides a way for customers to contact your company. Your
customers will know where to call and will have the reassurance that
if they have any issues with your company, your products or services,
that they can connect with you to resolve their issues. It also helps
your company build credibility and proves that you take your
customers, their questions and concerns seriously.

Much of a company’s success can be attributed to having a free means
for customers to contact them. This is also a considerable business
advantage if competitors do not offer a toll free service. The more
available companies can be to their clients, the more likely they will
be to succeed.

Technical Support Function

Offering a means to contact you for technical support issues or
questions is important. Often time’s customers have questions or want
a deeper understanding of how to effectively utilize your services.
Therefore, toll free phone numbers are especially effective and
necessary for companies that base much of their business on technical
products that require a large technical assistance or customer follow

Sales Function

Toll free numbers are very important for the sales department. Since
many sales happen over the phone, a toll free phone number is a great
cost free way for your customers to order products or set up services
from your company. If a customer cannot reach the sales department
when they are ready to make a purchase, then you could lose a good
portion of potential sales.
Marketing Function