3,000,000 Hits
Blogs start with simple online activities that can be very similar to writing in journals and keeping journals. They are the same from the point of view of writing thoughts, etc. The difference is where these thoughts and opinions are published. In journals and diaries, they are never published unless they intend to turn them into autobiography. On the other hand, blogs are easily published on the Internet. Another difference is that blogs have the opportunity to earn real money online. How is it possible?
Earn money through online banners and online advertising. When a blog becomes quite popular, its popularity grows, more people read the blog, then comment, and even offer this blog to their friends. In this sense, it reaches a wide audience and becomes a marketing tool. When blogs are popular, companies prefer to publish their online ads or online banners on these sites to attract the attention of those visiting these blogs. And, of course, because these companies put their banners on their website, the blog owner and writer earn money on it. Sweet money!
Earn money by writing a variety of products and services. After some time bloggers gain reputation. There are many types of bloggers, such as bloggers-technicians who write about gadgets, P., there are also fashion bloggers, as well as so-called bloggers. Bloggers or foodies who blog about food, brands, and restaurants. When these bloggers become quite popular, companies come to them to view and advertise in the form of whisper advertising. And when they become popular in what they do, people take the word and trust the reviewed reviews.

Earn money by hitting. The popularity of websites and websites is measured on the basis of hits. These are the number of clicks and visits to the site in one day. When there are many passwords during the day, search engines and other companies are attracted by the help of a blogger who promotes their activities in the same way as the two above entries. When a website is really popular, they are perceived as some kind of authority in their fields and are directed by companies that support the same field.