3,000,000 Hits
If leftovers in the refrigerator are more than a week old, do you eat them or throw them away? Well, the same can be said about online job profiles on Monster or CareerBuilder. Your resume and profile are sorted in the order from most recent to oldest in searches in the database, after the initial matching of keywords. If your age is more than a week, it loses its ranking on the front page and begins to slip in the results. After a few weeks, potential employers may not even be able to view this page.

You want employers and recruiters to find your profile and resume, so you’ll need to update it every week. The easy way to do this is to select a phrase in the resume that is easy to rewrite. Save the original sentence, then create a rewritten sentence that says much the same thing. Once a week, open your profile and swap the sentence with the version you have rewritten, or return to the original, alternately every week. Your resume will be updated weekly and will keep you in the top of the search results of the employer and recruiter.