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Working as an HR online is a hard job and very well paid if you reached the
required skills and experience , it’s not that easy to be an HR , so what about
online HRs ? it would bring you to a whole new level of control and
connectivity between you and wherever you’re working .
being an HR requires commitment , you can’t be an HR while you’re not going
to be online for actual hours and timings when you’re needed or when you’re
required to work .
You’ll have to understand the workers and how they operate the tasks and
you have to make interviews and tasks online , which is quiet hard when you’re
working in a physical company , so doing it online requires high skills of tone
recognition and so on , when you’re not looking at the whole body language and
attitude online .
And it’s not the only struggle being an online HR , being an Online HR in a
corporate could make you exposed to being hyper employed , which means you’ll
be required for example to be doing your
job for India Branch and yet for America Branch , according to the difference
in timing , you’ll be awake for maybe straight 12 hours working , which will be max exhausting to you , and
it will be very hard for you , or maybe working the day job in night , while
sleeping the night will be the solution which will be very hard to do , or
prevent living the life you’ve imagined .
so you have to pick the right company to work for as an HR that’s first
then make sure you’ll have commitment without exhausting yourself and maybe
make a termed writing with the company to prevent any further exhausting , or
time management issues.
average payment : 30-40 $ per hour.