Follow Up

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It reminds me of the story of a man who bought a lottery ticket. He was scolded by his wife, mocked by his colleagues, so he put the note in a safe place and forgot about it. After his death, his children found the note and found that his number had been touched and that he had left thousands of unclaimed dollars. Now, I do not tolerate the purchase of lottery tickets, but if you have already done the job, you might as well follow and see the end result!

This is the piece of the job search puzzle that most people omit. This may be the only thing that really makes you notice, the only thing that changes everything in your job search. After submitting your application online in a few days, call the recruiting firm’s main office. Ask the person who accepts applications for the position for which you have applied and asked them if they have received your application. Go one step further and tell them that the application engines have not always been friendly with your resume.

Ask them if you can send a resume by email directly to this person responsible for receiving applications and make sure to receive one from him immediately. You meet someone who is involved in the process of hiring this company and you get your name and maybe your CV in front of that person. You will have made great progress in this new job search environment simply by getting to this point. But do not stop here. Follow up in about a week, ask if the job has been completed. If so, ask if another such as this one is likely to open. You can not get the job you asked for, but you can be at the top of the list for the next opportunity.