How to Make Money Online In 5 Easy Steps

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Not every job on the internet requires you to have a degree certificate, ten years of experience and a referral from four qualified CEOs. There are several online jobs you can take on with little or no experience at all, as long as you have basic knowledge of your computer and browsing your way around the internet. It is true that some work from home requires you to have experience and professional skills. The work that demands skills, educational background and work history are normally from the technical industries like software development, website development, marketing, healthcare, SEO teaching, amongst others.

However, there are a good number of online jobs that are friendly to the beginners. Such jobs are normally more interested in your skills as opposed to years of experience. So, you need not worry that lack of a degree, referrals and historical background will deny you a job.

You can start by looking for data entry jobs from online accounts. Data entry jobs do not require prior experience, as long as you have a grab of your computer skills, you are fast and accurate in typing. Other online jobs that do not require a degree include editing and proofreading, customer service agent, teaching English and testing mobile apps.