How to Online Jobs

3,000,000 Hits
Do you want to drastically improve your chances of being hired? It has been estimated that people who have contacts within a company, who will recommend them. However, a social network that caters to job seekers and employers can be helpful in this particular effort. The network is called LinkedIn. If you’re not yet on LinkedIn, you should get there. If you are there, you may be able to take a rabbit out of a hat. Do a people search and search for the name of the company in the search bar on the LinkedIn site. Maybe it will filter the results to its surrounding area, so there are not too many to classify. You will see a list of people on LinkedIn who work for the company you requested. With luck, one of them is in your network. They may not be at your first level, so you do not have direct access to your email address, but use LinkedIn’s tools to communicate with them through people you know. If you have a friend who has a friend who works for the company, it is a proxy to meet someone who works there, and if the friend of the friend does not mind passing your resume or converting your name to HR, then you have improved your chances to be considered for work at leaps and bounds