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1. Select the shooting location based on the comfort level of the client. For those who need more privacy, studio shots are better. But in case the client doesn’t have these needs, then outdoor shoots can give great end product.

2. Reduce the distractions in the photograph by concentrating on the mother-to-be. It’s the most important thing in the photo and so any detracting backgrounds or colors need to be removed.

3. Make the client feel relaxed and confident about her body. Pregnant women are usually pretty critical of their bodies, however, as their photographer, it is up to you to make them relaxed during the shoot so that it can get shown in the photographs as well.

4. Try to include the family in the photographs wherever possible. Highlighting the mother’s relation to her family and focusing the love of her hubby and children provides immense warmth and character to the photograph.

As a maternity photographer, it is your responsibility to make this maternity photography a cherishable experience for your client.