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1-Tutoring : People who work as online tutors are more like expert teachers
and seniors in the fields they teach , from languages to maths and engineering
Tutoring doesn’t seem like a hard job and it’s the first one in Class C job
because if you’re a native speaker to a current language and have experience in
another ” foreign ” language you’d be able to work on teaching the
other language natives , your native language.
it’s one of the easiest tutoring jobs
, but sometimes people need Academic or university degrees , which is a
bit hard if you’re a native , spending tons of hours in academy learning about
your own native language and getting advanced in it while you need to maintain
your actual work to get money .
Finding people who needs language teachers isn’t that easy , but some
online websites take fees on that , they
are the most likely places to find language teaching demands , websites like
”” .
Also teaching maths and biology and so on included , so when we look at
maths , it’s separated sections and degrees and also fields of studying , so
from Maths transforms to Graphs expert and report generation , and also Complex
maths , programming maths , and calculus , it’s really hard to understand all
of these .
and to find an employer who want the specific type of maths for you to
teach him , you can imagine how hard is that , but if you’re an engineering student
or graduate , even a maths literature graduate . you’re going to have certainly
Most types of complicated maths types and you can get advanced while teaching
people maths . So , starting step by step from taking beginners , you’ll learn
how to get advanced to keep up to date with the new in maths and also get
advanced so you can let the employer get advanced too .
Looking at Biology and all of these stuff is kind of hard to if you’re not
already having a university degree in it , or you’re just obsessed with such
fields , and also finding employers who want a specific field like Biology or
geology , it’s not very common these days .
Payments :
Working as a tutor would vary from a field to another but the average
payment per hour for expert tutors is about 20-25$ per hour.