Is Part Time Jobs Worthless?

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This commonly happens when the faithful spouse demands from the betrayal of every detail and circumstance of the infidelity. A lot of psychologist say that the faithful spouse tend to experience flashbacks and imaginations, pondering into the details of the affair and close monitoring of their partner. The faithful spouse become more obsessed after discovering the reasons of infidelity and most of them end up changing their physical appearances and lifestyle to attract the attention of their partners. Moreover, the faithful partner becomes more interrogative by knowing the whereabouts of his/partner, phone calls, computer and friends.


The innocent spouse may attempt to do everything so as to regain control of their marriage. They tend to threaten the extramarital partner. Moreover, they tend to engage in extramarital relationship to express anger they feel to their partners.

Lack of affection within a relationship
Affection is the backbone of a relationship. When there is no affection, the relationship is described as dead. The faithful spouse may loose affection to the betrayal one but still in a relationship. This is not healthy at all especially when there are kids. Even if the couple does not divorce, they are forced into new roles where the hurt spouse must become the guardian of the marriage and the offending spouse remains on trial. This changes the couple dynamic into interrogation and defensiveness instead of the mutual edification that comes from kindness and gratitude and service to one another.