Is Part Time Jobs Worthless?

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Divorce in marriages have become prone and have been linked to cases if infidelity by either one of the spouse. 90% of the reported cases of divorces have been linked with infidelity. The Natural Science Foundation carried out an opinion poll to assess Americans on the issue of infidelity. They found out that 10% of the married couples (12% men and 7% women) have engaged in sex outside marriage. Cases of infidelity are increasing in men more than in women. This issue has drawn a lot of attention and a lot of researchers have gained interest to intervene this controversy. It has been an interesting topic to study because a lot oh high profile people and celebrities have damaged their careers due to the cases of infidelity.

High profile individuals who have had their careers damage include former presidential candidate John Edwards, former member house of representative from New York Anthony wiener and former Governor of New York Elliott Spittz among others. The affairs of these high profile individuals have drawn attention to the entire public who an opportunity to dissect the key causes. It is important to note that there are numerous variables involved in marital infidelity, including gender, but also the often-overlooked variables of education, marital satisfaction, opportunity, economic status, prior history of divorce, and religious beliefs. Other factors include history of the previous divorce, lack of communication, and age. Literatures on the cause and the types of infidelity have also been developed. This article will explain why infidelity has escalated and gained momentum in the society today.