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Because when people are starting off in a new home business they are very much illiterate in this matter and face lots of scams which you ultimately will lose your motivation in the long run. In order to avoid work at home scams, ask the following questions:
1. What tasks will you have to perform? Ask the program sponsor to list every step of the job.
In order to avoid scam first, review the types of work at home jobs that are available, along with the job listings. Then, check out the lists of companies that are known to be “telecommuting friendly” and most of these employers list work from home jobs online.

2. How will you be paid? Ask if you’re going to be paid a salary, hourly or based on a commission? If it is commission based what is the percentage, how often will you be paid, and how are they keeping track of the work from which your commission will be based?
3. Who will pay you?
4. When will you get your first paycheck?
5. Avoid those Jobs that promise you great amount of money with little investment of time and no experience. They are 98% scam. Work at home jobs requires skills like writing, graphic design, programming or web design etc. Make sure that the company’s training and support is a top issue within the company. Make sure that you have the experience as well other wise it is a bit difficult task to find the employer who is interested in hiring you.
Get the answers to these questions. The answers will help you determine if a particular home based job is right for you and whether or not it is legitimate.