Make Money Online: 9 Steps to Make Sure Make Money Online

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Currently most of 

people are earning a living with online jobs such as transcription, academic writing,
writing articles and online marketing as long as you are totally conversant
with the rules, you have a laptop and a network.

Unemployment has really increased
most people are not employed and therefore online jobs has really helped in one
way or the other though there must advantages and disadvantages. Below are just
but a few.

This is where audios or videos are being
converted into text. Actually pay depends with the company or site you are
working with and the longest files you can handle in a day.

Article Writing

For instance a client can you an
article to write depending on the topics you best in writing and payment is
made per word i.e 500 words is $2.67 depending with the site.
There are some many online jobs one
can do but the major disadvantage is bidding for one to get a client and also
the number of con men has really increased. You might work and you end up not