Make Money Online: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

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For the sales and marketing , they’re almost over all concerned with the
Social media and internet marketing ,
being an SEO specialist or social media specialist , is going to be the
best choice if you’re good at it , it requires intelligence and many skills to
do the right marketing surveys and be well educated with the field of online
marketing .
Being a Marketer will give you ton of free time , you’ll be able to work in
low working time with a constant salary monthly , which is fair enough for a
To educate yourself in the marketing career, you have to do small surveys
and start testing them , then work in small marketing projects with what you’ve
tested and got educated at , and then you’ll start advancing your skills step
by step untill reaching the level of an expert marketer , right then you’ll be
able to earn ton of money from marketing .
Best people for marketing are students and graduates of faculty of commerce
in academies or universities . They study marketing on a wide section too.
An advantage of marketing career individually , you can work on many
projects on the long term which will
allow you to get more than a constant salary monthly , exciting ? … more than
you imagine .
Average monthly rate : 10,000 – 12,000 $ Monthly
Software Development :
It’s quiet the most working freelancing career these days , as technology
took over our whole lives , mobiles , internet , websites , information
technology , and Data mining , and so on .
As software development is the highest paid job in freelancing also it’s
the hardest one among all , it require ton of skills , surely there are open
source educational sites for such career but it’s not enough if you’re not a
developer internally , developers are intelligent and fast thinker , problem
solvers and having good general skills .
Software development is divided into enormous number of sections and fields
, from Website design , website development , android development , UI/UX
Experts , Information systems experts , IOS developers , embedded software
engineers … etc.
To start working in one of these careers in freelancing you must have a
good portfolio and past experiences ,to get paid well per hour , so the right
step by step guides to do this :