Part Time Jobs: 19 Steps to Make Sure Part Time Jobs

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Data entry/transcription is a great option for people who are good at typing. There are many forms of data entry/transcription. Some of which include filling out forms with given information, typing the words spoken on an audio recording, and medical transcription. Some of these will require experience or education, and some simply require fast, accurate typing. Payments can be issued on a pay perform or transcription, pay per minute, pay per hour, or pay per word basis.
Virtual Assistants

Becoming a virtual assistant simply means that you’re working for another person whom you communicate with via the phone and Internet. You’ll be performing tasks just like that of a secretary, yet with an online context. Your duties will be dependent on the nature of the employer’s business. This could possibly be one of the ideal online jobs for individuals with experience in secretarial work, yet this isn’t entirely needed.