The 12 Most Important Steps to Solving Part Time Jobs

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Lack of affection

For a relationship to be healthy, affection from both spouses must be evident. When the affection is gone, the relationship ceases to exist. This means that one of the spouses will tend to have an affair to fill in the gap that is missing. In other cases, both spouses tend to have an outside affair due to the collapse of affection.

Having discussed the key causes of infidelity, it is important to discuss the impact of having an affair to a relationship and even children in case of any.


Almost 90% of the marriages marred with infidelity ends up finished. This is because one of the partners feels that they have not been treated fairly and decides to move on with their life. However, not all marriages with infidelity end up with a divorce.

Loss of trust
If the marriage isn’t dissolved after issues of infidelity, issues of lack of trust arise. The partner with infidelity issues is most likely not to be treated well and trusted by the other spouse. This occurs due to damage of marital relationship. Issues of over protection by one spouse and limits may arise. Trust issues may make the “cheating” spouse to ask for a divorce.


This is attributed to rage and anger towards the other partner. This is the most dangerous outcome of infidelity since we have witnessed even cases of murders arising due to violence linked to infidelity.


This is likely to happen to the faithful spouse. They tend to feel unloved and useless. They develop low self esteem towards themselves and they might even end up committing suicide. This becomes worse when the unfaithful spouse chooses to divorce while the other one opts to remain