The Best ONLINE JOBS to Online Jobs

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The following are some of the most popular jobs done at home.
Internet Research

The Internet is a valuable resource that can provide infinite wisdom and information. However, one must know how to find the information they seek. People are brushing up on their Google skills to find information for people that don’t have either the skills or time to find what they are looking for.

Writing and Editing

Authors can find a wide variety of writing work to do online. Many people seek copywriters or ghostwriters, where a freelancer writes something with the understanding that someone else will receive credit for the work. These pieces can range from a short article to a full-length novel. Blog writing positions are also very popular.


Transcription involves listening to an audio or video file and putting this information into a typed form. This can either be a verbatim transcript, which includes every “um” and “uh”, or an edited one that is cleaned up for easier reading. Transcription requires quick typing and good listening skills in the language and accent of the file. Special transcription software is also necessary to start, stop, and rewind the audio files by using the function keys or a foot pedal, however, a freeware transcription software can be downloaded online.

Phone Calling

Many works from home jobs involve the person making telephone calls. Most of these positions are telemarketing or customer service calls. Another phone calling job is working as a secretary and making phone calls on behalf of someone. These positions require a landline phone or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone), depending on the client’s needs.

Web Design and Programming

Those with more advanced computer knowledge can find work designing websites or programming various programmers for clients and companies. To match the skills required, these are typically among the highest paying work from home jobs