The Latest News for January 2019 You Need to Know on Part Time Jobs

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Do you want to make extra money on the side while still engaged in your regular job? Maybe you are out of a job; tired of your job or just fed up of hunting for a regular job and so have decided to take your destiny into your hands by working on a freelance or consultancy schedule and you are looking for means to do this and make money online while sitting comfortably behind you PC at home? Then welcome to online jobs as an alternative source of income.

In this article, I will be detailing 8 online jobs that you can engage in and probably make more money than you would do on a regular 9 to 5 working hour job per day.

One thing you should know is that online jobs are quite flexible and you can work at your own schedule. Online jobs are also versatile in the sense that you can shuttle between different sites and various clients. Taking an online job also expands your horizon and enhances your knowledge base as you will do a lot of research on plethora of subjects in the course of handling projects for clients.

Here is a list of 8 online jobs you can engage in from home and what your likely earning will be.


Blogging is a great source of making money online. All you need do is to open a website or blog page. It is preferable to go for a paid domain name, then choose your web hosting platform and start blogging. As your blog gains popularity and attracts more mileage and traffic, you can monetise it by applying for a Google AdSense which will allot you ad slots that you can place on your page. By signing up for a Google AdSense, you have applied for AdSense slots. If your account is approved after a brief period of waiting, your site will start raking in a steady sum of money based on the number of clicks your ads receive from your site visitors.

What you can make from blogging is virtually limitless but for starters you can make $30 to $50 per hour.

Affiliate Marketing

Using your website or blog, you can start affiliate marketing by advertising and promoting another website or blog on your page. The affiliate site will provide you with a unique link that you can put up on your site. The more people click on the link and register or buy products from the affiliate site through your page, the more income accrues to you.

A sub unit of this is to be an influencer marketer. Influencer marketing is simply about using your popularity and influence on social media platforms to market or promote a brand and its product.

You can earn up to $300 per hour through affiliate marketing.

Content Writing

Content writing is another great way to make money online simply by registering in a freelance site and start writing contents for clients. Most content writing sites use the bidding formula where you and other writers place bids for a requester’s project, and if you are awarded the contract, you get paid either via milestone billing or after the completion of the project. Some sites where you can earn money through content writing are:

6. and a host of others.

As a beginner, you could make up to $30 per day writing contents in any of these sites.

Virtual Assistant Task

There are lot of professional individuals out there who do not have the time to perform certain basic functions necessary for the success of their business. These duties are mostly administrative in nature and could include following up on client’s orders, scheduling meetings for the employer, reaching out to clients and investors, creating business documents like Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations or even managing and monitoring traffic on a website or page.

A virtual assistant job could fetch you a tidy $20 – $35 per hour.

Content Translation 

Content translation is another online job that can earn you a steady stream of income while sitting in the comfort of your home. For individuals who are multi lingual, translation is a good way to make money because there are lots of academics, scholars, and business men/women looking for people to hire online on freelance basis to help them translate documents and video contents from on language to another.

You could make $1.00 to $2.5 per word translating various documents. This is a tidy sum when cumulated based on total word count of the document.

Making YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is another way of making money online. If you video happens to go viral and trend online, then know that you will be smiling to the bank. You could make any kind of video you want; be it comedy skits, cooking shows, animations or any other subject that catches your fancy. All you need is to get a YouTube account and upload your videos online free.

Your potential earning is virtually limitless because your video could go viral and generate lots of clicks and shares.

Selling Products Online

You could sell your own product or that of another on any of the online retail platforms. There are numerous online retail stores like ebay, Amazon, Kindle, Bookrix (for Authors), Okadabooks, iTunes, Kobo, indiebazaar etc. Like in every online activity, you need to open an account with any of your preferred site. Usually account opening is free.

You could be earning up to $500 per hour or per day depending on the number of sales your product generates. One sure way of boosting sale for your product is to advertise it regularly.

Web Development

If you are a web designer, then web development is a sure way for you to make money online. You can work as a web developer for a web developing site or you can set out to create your own web developing agency where clients come to hire your services. Web development is actually not easy to break through because there are lot of free website development sites on the internet but hey, if you are good, you will get noticed and draw a lot of clients from the millions of people that surf the web daily.

A single project, depending on your negotiation with your client, could earn you up to $2,000.


At this junction, it is imperative I inform you that you must open one or two online payment accounts before embarking on online jobs. There are plethoras of platforms for this like Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, etc. It is actually advisable you should have two or three account among the major platforms as clients have different payment preferences. With your PC, stable internet connection, and your accounts, you are ready to make money online on daily basis.