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Customer relationship management is divided into many sections , where you
can be a normal organizer or a manager to the organizing team , depending on
your experience and your own commitment , being a CRM organizer would allow you
to control the process of customers helping from A to Z , from the calling to a
technical and from the salesman who will provide the idea and the product for
the customer .

And reaching to the Organization of the system for the whole company and
the revenues , income and Professional points and Downgrade points for each
employer in the company , so it’s varying in position although you’ll get well
paid for this job , it’s quiet needs alot of experience especially in the same
field .

a problem will be facing you that if you’re not an actual worker in this
field , this will expose you to problems joining this field , because it’s a
sensitive job where you’ll have the data of all the company at some point of
your career , and in the other hand when you start the career.

when you start the career you’ll be responsible for customer dealing with
employers in all ways , which will let you be exposed to the heat of owners and
the managers.

After long time in this Career you’ll be able to be a CRM team manager,
this is quiet easier job but requires max skills , defining the fields of
Customer relationship management system made and starting to define which parts
of the information system that needs update and that will expose you to real responsibilities , preferring to be up to date , so if you’re
not time limited or time required , if
you’re willing to continue your job , whether you’re too skilled that
you’ll notice and manage everything in no time , or you’re what actually
happens in the normal situations , that you’ll be having most of your day
working .

but in return this job will get you the finest money depending on your
position and skills , and it’s dependant on the employers or the company owners
or the Management team look on you to get your salary .

Average payment : 20-60$ per hour depending on the position.