The Salesman

3,000,000 Hits
When you start out in business, you are the salesman. And the fundamental key to sales success is trust. A study shows that 80% of the businesses are done because the person giving the order likes and trusts the person taking the order. Another amazing study happen too. It was found that most new businesses done are referrals by past clients.
Have you ever been told that such and such a restaurant or such and such a hairdresser or such and such a movie is good. And you went to try it out? Well, its referrals at work.
Now the thing is, it all starts with the salesman, that is the entrepreneurs themselves understands that, in order to have repeat and referral businesses, they have to treat their clients right.
So the next thing you need to do is ask yourself, ‘have you treated your client right? Have you tried to give them the best advice? Have you tried to feed them with better information?’
If you have not, then it’s wise to start thinking what you can do.