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Stage1: Address the effects of Infidelity – in this stage, therapist advice both spouses on the effects of infidelity in a relationship. Being aware of this, both spouses will do their best to ensure there is no infidelity in their relationship
Stage 2: Setting Boundaries – here, couples are advised not to engage in conflicts beyond family boundaries.
Step 3: self care – after the aftermath of an affair; couples are advised to take care of their physical and spiritual bodies to avoid additional problems related to poor health and depression.
Stage 3: Examining the Content – therapists tend to discuss with the couples the factors that led to the affair. This is the longest part of the treatment due to the allegations brought by both partners. In this stage, the most discussed issues are four: 1) plenty communication with the spouse and adequate time 2) outside issues such as family, work and finances 3) Issues within the family for the betrayal spouse 4) and some basic issues.
Stage 4: Moving on – This is the last stage in the treatment. Here, spouses are encouraged to apologize and outline and discuss the issues that led to the affair. This does not necessarily mean that the couple should re-marry, but reach to a happy conclusion for both so that they can move on with their lives.


Several factors compel an individual to engage in practices of infidelity. Certain demographic characteristics and personality trait trends exist, though some researchers question many commonly held assumptions. Cyber-sex and online affairs are a relatively new area of knowledge for therapists, and the field’s understanding is still rather limited. However, therapists must treat these affairs with the same level of seriousness as an in-person affair. Therapists will 41 continue to encounter situations that are new and uncharted territory as the years go on that challenge the long-held beliefs and practices in therapy related to infidelity. Therapists will likely never see eye to eye about factors involved in an affair and how to properly treat couples. However, the work of numerous researchers can provide a solid framework for therapists working with couples facing this very difficult situation.